Fun and Easy....Only After You Know How

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Let's face it, we ALL have some more we can learn.  It's the original reason I opened my first shop in 2001.

I had a nice job (actually, really stressful and complicated), but I spent all my spare time on needlework; it was my tranquilizer after (and before) a long day.  I was often frustrated by not understanding the archaic instructions, and had many tearful episodes all alone with my string.  I knew I wasn't stupid, so why was this so hard?  At the time, the Library was the only place for help.  It was actually very upsetting, demoralizing and lonely.  Not to mention all the money I wasted on nonsense, junk, and projects I could not or did not want to finish.

When it finally clicked and I discovered how "fun and easy" these crafts are, and all of the beautiful, quality supplies available, when you really understand how to do them, I knew it was time to dive in completely.  I felt a calling to show EVERYONE how to actually ENJOY their crafts and bring better supplies to our little corner of the world.

As they say, fast forward to now.  I want our supplies and classes to be reasonably priced, and nobody should be getting mad and frustrated with something that is supposed to be "fun and easy".  It isn't fun and easy if you don't know how to do it.  And learning it online, which came about after my early angry crafting days, is nearly impossible as well.  Very few people can really learn from videos online. 

Come see us and if you like what you learn here, get a class pass and come learn with us for LESS, take the classes whenever you like, and you will soon be experiencing the "fun and easy" kind of needlework!

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