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 I spent years being agitated about felting.  It struck me as odd that any knitter or crocheter would actually want to toss their precious stitches into the wash with the purpose of obscuring work and creating *gasp* a felted piece (and don't even get me started on the "stabby" felting).  My own limited view boxed me in to the incorrect belief that felting was either an accident, or a misguided waste of time. As I'm sure you can predict by now, this is the story of my conversion from resistant grump to happy felter. 

It only took a few weeks around Heidi to pique my curiosity about the process of felting.  Some of her most talented regulars were all working on gorgeous project bags that looked stunning and sturdy.  We'd cruise the internet for inspirations for the shop, and we eventually happened upon a charming British crafter who felts items and then adds lovely hand stitched touches to create truly unique wearable art. The final push came when we began preparing for our outdoor craft market: Heidi pulled a few balls of Plymouth Gina from the shelves and directed me to a pattern that knits up in just a few hours.  The color changes in the yarn kept me excited, and the ease of the pattern meant I could cozy up with my knitting and watch a movie.  We made several pretty hats that start their lives looking like giant sacks and end up coming out of the wash as stylish brimmed hats that are as durable as they are lovely.  We sold every last one.  We miss them.  Now we're making more.

   Stay tuned for an explanation on how felting happens, as well as what Heidi's years of experience reveal to be an ideal felting process.  





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  • I would like name of this pattern please

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