Make Magic... You Have It In YOU!

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 Earlier today I was admiring a long time shop customer who was knitting color work with one strand in each hand.  I enjoyed seeing her confidently creating a holiday themed project that her family will treasure for years to come.  The whole image of a happy crafter enjoying the fruits of her skill fits in so well with the blackboard that currently graces the outside of our shop.  All skills (okay, most skills, or at least many) are within your reach if you're ready to put in the time.  Stranded color work is one of many techniques that must look like magic to the uninitiated, but those of us who dedicate time and energy to learning making gorgeous things with string know that new techniques are just within our reach.  If you're unsure about whether or not to expand your repertoire to a new technique: know that I think you have it in you.  

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