Revisiting a Failed Craft of mine from the 60's

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The thing that has surprised me about macrame is that it is done in sections.  You cut alot of cords and hang them in the center, working one (simple!) section at a time, adding more (and more!) cords while building up to the final result.  I had envisioned working with all of those (86 right now) cords hanging at once, making different stitches on each.  Ummmm....hell NO!  Thank goodness.
This is my latest in-progress wall hanging, and I am LOVING it, savoring my time on it each day and don't want it to end.  That's a good test of a project in my mind.
This is quite unlike the very simple (plant hangers?) I made as a child in girl scouts.  I remember being very confused about which way to tie the knots.  We have the cord for it at the shop and I highly recommend an Etsy pattern seller, "Knots and Wallflowers", whose patterns we have made several times.  Her designs are very well written, with lots of diagrams and of course, we use Knit Companion to keep track of which row and section we are on! 

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