Yikes, What A Schedule!

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Just home after a fabulous trip to NYC (pics here shortly), I am looking at the calendar.  A somewhat dreary day, and good ole Facebook is down.  Something I had been thinking about, what if FB goes down.  Now I know.

So, it's. now time to dust off the Blogger skills.  Here we go!

As you know, I truly love posting regularly (sometimes too much!) about anything that I see and want to share.  This is where I will be from now on.  There will be only occasional posts on FB going forward.  I hope you will get into the habit of checking here on the Shop Blog, rather than FB, since it is something I (HOPE!) I can count on being there forever and always. 


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  • Great idea!

    Louise on
  • Great move! I so love the yarns I’ve gotten there. It’s time for a trip back to the beach.

    Toni Harper on
  • Love the idea! Hope life slows enough for me to come by!!! Still have your Bday present 😆😆😆. Miss all of you so much keep showing pictures

    Beth Hiatt on
  • I may be 1200 miles away now, but still love reading about everything Mobile Yarn. I did find a knitting guild that meets at the local library & now that summer is over they will start meeting again. It won’t be Mobile Yarn ( 😔 ) and there are no yarn shops in our new town so will also be checking the blog.

    Ann Backhurst on

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