Circulo Anne

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Anne provides a sheer finish and a soft touch. There are 64 vivid colors to create incredible pieces with ideal thickness for summer clothing. Even when you knit or crochet tightly for mid-season and winter, your piece will be light and soft. You can also use Anne in decorative pieces such as table runners, doilies, crochet edges in towels and cloths. This yarn is a 100% mercerized Brazilian virgin cotton and has an excellent yardage.

Yarn Ne 4/2 - (295 Tex)
Composition: 100% mercerized Brazilian virgin cotton
Knitting machine setting: 8
Total of Colors: 64 solid


500 m / 547 yds 

147 g / 5.19 oz

1.75 mm hook

2.75 to 3.5 mm.

2 to 4 US needle