Double Knit Sock Blank

Double Knit Sock Blank

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Wool2DyeFor's Double Knit Sock Blanks are knit from their popular sock yarn, Platinum Sock. Knit into a long rectangle of double thickness layer, this Double Knit Sock Blank can be dyed or painted in any method to achieve a result unique to your own aesthetic. The double blank is meant for knitting directly off the blank, two socks at a time. Do not try to unravel the blanks into two separate balls.

The tension of the Double knitted fabric is looser than the original Single Blank. Please give the double knit blank a nice long bath in very, very warm water before dyeing. This is the key to being sure that dye saturates the yarn.

A horizontal dye pattern will yield a wider swath of color to the final knit fabric. Dyed in vertical oriented patterns, or slanted applications of color will give a more varied appearance to the final knit fabric. It is fascinating to discover how to achieve different effects. Self-striping yarn, for instance, can be a simple process with a little bit of math and a lot of enthusiasm.

75% Superwash Merino, 25% Nylon

Two strands of yarn are knitted together at the same time to create the double stranded sock blank.Knit directly from the blank, two socks at a time.

10" x 33" prox. (dry) 463 yds/100g knitted blank